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I'm Done Rolling, Time For Lifting

For the past 8 months I have worked at Rolled Limited as a CMS Developer. I've enjoyed working with Jay, Enrique and David and I worked with some awesome clients. But now I've moved on, I have joined Lift as a Developer.

This is a delayed announcement, as I actually started last week, due to the launch of akamike v2. Jay posted on Sausage Roll today to announce the aquisition of Rolled Limited by Juno Media, as well as my departure. I did enjoy my time at Rolled, and I wish the remaining team good luck with the future!

After one week of being here at Lift, I have to say I am really enjoying myself. Most of last week was for me to get used to working on a Mac (loveitloveitloveit) and using Movable Type, as well as meet everyone. I'm getting on really well with everyone and already feel quite comfortable.

Everyone else here at Lift is primarily an Information Designer, so having me there will really help with development and more technical issues. I've already impressed everyone with my skills, and there's plenty more where that came from!

My change of job doesn't really change much in terms of what I do here at akamike. I still have plans for many extras and posts for the blog, there's plenty to look out for!

Fun fact: I've managed to get through this entire post with only one (bad) pun.



Oh man, awesome. It's nice to see that you're learning to work with another blog platform, I think that'll be some valuable experience for you.

I hope you have fun working for Lift!

Richard Metcalfe

Hi, do you find it better designing websites on a mac compared to the pc?