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Wordpress Podcast

Over the past couple of days I have started hanging around the Wordpress IRC channel (#wordpress @ irc.freenode.net), to pick up tips and help out when I can. In my short time there, I found out about the Wordpress Podcast and I have to say it's quite good.

Introduced to me by a user named twidget (aka Charles Stricklin who is one of the hosts, Aaron Brazell being the other). The duo cover the world of Wordpress, such as news from Matt Mullenweg led Automattic, plugins and listener questions.

Unfortunately, the podcast hasn't been updated in a month, but I gave it a listen and I really enjoyed it. I recognized some of the news items discussed and it was nice to hear other people's points of view on each subject. I also heard about the WPhone plugin through it, so it's obvious they pick up on things I miss (I know this was a pretty big development, but remember I don't have an iPhone....yet....).

But yes, props to these guys for putting this together. It's an excellent listen for developers or even just the general Wordpress user. Check out the most recent episode and if it's your thing, subscribe. Now, I await the next episode. Chop, chop. ;)


Charles Stricklin

Yeah, I'm way behind schedule, I know. First Aaron was unavailable, then I got sick and now Aaron's leaving to focus his efforts so I haven't gotten another one recorded.

I'll probably end up recording the next episode solo tonight, nasal congestion and all. I'm also trying to gather together several co-hosts so I can start publishing on a quasi-weekly schedule.

Thanks for the kind words!


Ah right. Still, I look forward to it. :)


haha, what a trooper.


Hmmm... I just listened to the latest one and sorry but I found it rather dull. I love WordPress but I was bored silly listening to this, nothing I didn't already know. Maybe it's just me but...I dunno! ;-)