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Updates @ akamike

There has been a few changes around the blog, with more to come. I'm stopping for today in favour of playing CS:S and WoW!

Quick run-down of the changes:

I did have a few other things planned, including the tagging, making various details easier to update, sprucing up the forms and adding search, but I have been pulled away from the computer all day today so they will have to wait. If there is any problems with the latest additions, let me know (or if you just want to test out your new Gravatar, post here!). Also, if you have suggestions for what I should add, share it!

Author's Note: at the time of posting, I have only 1 Pownce invite left. I have already asked someone to see if they would like it, but if they decline then I will comment here for those interested.



Nice updates to your comments. I like them much better now. :) Only I do have one suggestion. Your comments seemed so squished... as in, I generally can't tell the start of a new paragraph from another. Perhaps using:

.comment_text p { margin-bottom:5px; }

This way, we won't have to worry about using line breaks in our comments (I forget to be perfectly honest because I'm not used to needing to do it lol) ;) Just a suggestion, though, of course. Yay for gravatars? =>


Is my gravatar working yet?


Anyway, liking the new comment styling, im back to working hard on my blog now, let the fun/confusion continue!

Adam Snider

The shared Google Reader plugin on the front page is a nice touch.


Thanks everyone :)

@Nyssa: Added your suggestion, it does look better now. I might increase it though, I'll leave it for a day and see how it goes.

Also, you've been eyeing up my CSS haven't you miss? ;) It needs a bit of a tidy up, but that takes time to check for things I don't need and make sure I optimize it right. I'd rather wait to do that when I have made all my changes and don't have other things to do, that way I do it once and do it right.


Hahaha. No, not at all. I'm using the ColorZilla extension in Firefox, so just hovering over things, I can see class names, etc. ;)

Oh and it does look much better. Maybe a little more space like you said, but easier on the eyes now, definitely. :)


Oh cool, I didn't notice it did that. Handy, though I usually just use Firebug :)