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Twitter Manga Avatars

Over the past couple of days a lot of Twitter users have been changing their avatars to "manga" versions of themselves. These images are created using Face Your Manga, a flash-based character creator similar to Mii.

Here's my own avatar:

And here is a collection of some of the people I follow, in alphabetical order. Maybe you should follow them too:

Some of them are uncanny! There were more but the users seem to have switched back. If you made one, share it and your Twitter profile below.



Oh god I forgot to close my link tag. Well done HZ.

My Twitter

There we go.

Sam Hardacre

I did one but didn't keep it on for long.


Lameeee. lets all follow the crowd!

Adam Snider

Wow, this really is a big trend, eh?

Oh well, I like mine. I don't care if it makes me part of a trend or not.

Yours is pretty good, Mike. Based on pictures I've seen, it looks about as similar to you as you could do with the options available.


@HZ: Awesome, and good job on the linking ;)

@Sam: I think I saw yours while you had it up, it's pretty good! Quite a few people had the up then took them down shortly after. A few minutes of feeling part of something awesome ;)

@"twitter": No one is forcing you to take part :)

@Adam: Thanks! I just had my hair cut, but couldn't find one shorter than that. Not by much though! Yours is pretty damn good too :D


I might "follow the crowd" myself for a bit ;P


Your one is great Nyssa, welcome aboard ;)