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The Future of Web Apps & Diggnation London

I just got finished watching the latest episode (109) of Diggnation. Last ep, they hinted about a London show and I have been waiting to hear more details, and now that the tentative concept is out I thought I would write up a post.

First, the conference. Kevin Rose (Pownce, Digg/Diggnation, Revision3) is going to be in London for The Future of Web Apps - Web 2.0 Conference and Expo (FoWA), giving a presentation on "Lessons Learned From Launching a Web App: The Story Behind Pownce". Other speakers include Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress, "Building a Scalable Business Model"), Leah Culver (Pownce, "Web App Do's and Don'ts - Practical Lessons we Learned") and Om Malik (GigaOM/The GigaOM Show, "What is The Future of Web Apps?").

The conference runs from 3rd October to the 5th in London, UK. A conference pass will set you back £245, or £595 if you want the workshops too. I can't see there being any chance of me being able to go to this, so I am considering "Conference in a Box" package which costs £245 and gets me videos and presentation materials so I don't miss out too much.

You've probably gathered from what I just said that I will not be able to make it down. That means, I won't be at the live Diggnation either. But, here's the plan for that, for those interested:

On the 3rd of October, after the conference, Alex and Kevin will do Diggnation in one of the conference halls. You don't need a ticket to the conference for this, you'll be allowed in at this point. Now, it should be noted that it is not 100% sure that the hall will be available for use, so if that fails they will find a pub or something to do the show. I advise you watch the Rev3 forums and Diggnation itself for updates on that.

So, who's going to any of this? Both the conference and show will be awesome, so if you are in the area or have the money then definitely check it out. I will envy you from up here.



I have been a diggnation fan for ages, but there was no way I was going to spend £245 to go and see the guys.
Thanks for the posting I glad to hear its free.

Oh one more thing they mentioned on the show that they wanted 1000 people to fill the hall, lets hope we don't all get kicked out to a pub.



Recent events suggest I may be able to go to this, it will definitely be awesome so I really hope I can. :)


Ok, scratch that! I can't.