akamike (2007-2010)


Since my first post about Pownce, I have obtained an invite, invited 6 friends with my own invites, then used it for a few days. Despite my concerns, this is a great site/app, though it is not without is shortcomings.

Pownce is easy to use. Once you're signed up and logged in, you are automatically sent to your profile page, which lists your stream of messages. This is a mix of your own messages and messages from friends, including replies to messages. You have options to filter your stream on the right, only showing plain messages, links, files, events, replies or just what has been sent by you. Each message has a reply and forward button, so it's easy to talk back or share it on to your other friends.

At the top of the stream you have your own posting box. Just select what type of message it is (Message, Link, File, Event), fill in the details, choose who you want to send it to (Everyone, Friends, Individuals, Groups) and click "Post it!". Your message is added to the stream in an AJAXy way, very nice.

Pownce Profile
(Private messages scrambled)

The application is just as nice. I don't have any other experience with AIR applications, but I really like what has been done for Pownce. Nice, pretty and simple interface. Your stream of messages takes up the most of the app, with your message posting options at the top (just like the site). Click on a message expands it, showing the option to reply and how many recipients there was. The application periodically refreshes, or you can click the button at the bottom of the interface to refresh manually.

Pownce App
(Again, private messages scrambled)

A little thing about advertisements, which you can see in the app screenshot. The ads are in your stream as sponsored links, and appear in both the site and app. However, they are pretty subtle so you barely notice them. Pownce also makes money from pro subscriptions, $20 a year for an increased file size restriction and removal of advertisements. I haven't had any use for the file service, yet, so it's not something that interests me, but if you are a "Pownce Power User" it might be handy, plus you are supporting the site.

The Problems

I did say it has some shortcomings, but I expect these will all be remidied in time. It's early days!

Despite the minor issues, Pownce is pretty awesome and if you get an invite offer, take it up and check it out.

Author's Note: I am not a writer so my apologies if the review is a little weak! I just wanted to share my thoughts on it, now that I have an account there. It was useful to write this as well, since I noticed there are acutally RSS feeds for your messages! For those who are wondering about Pownce, I hope this was enough to give you a little preview.