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Yesterday was OneWebDay, a day dedicated to celebrating what the web/internet means to us, as individuals, organizations and communities. Since I only found out about this late into the day, I decided to wait until today to post about it.

The Web is worth celebrating.

OneWebDay is one day a year when we all - everyone around the physical globe - can celebrate the Web and what it means to us as individuals, organizations, and communities.

As with Earth Day - an inspiration and model for OneWebDay - it's up to the celebrants to decide how to celebrate. We encourage all celebrations! Collaboration, connection, creativity, freedom.

By the end of the day, the Web should be just a little bit better than it was before, and we'll be able to see our connection to it more clearly.

I looked around on Technorati for OneWebDay posts to see what everyone else did to celebrate, there is also a wiki for project ideas. I decided that I would reflect on how the Web/Internet has changed my life and why I am thankful for it's neutral openness.

My Work

As you know, my work is in web design and development, one who creates what millions (possibly) interact with on a daily basis. The web intrigued me to change from wanting to be a games programmer or chef, and I don't think either of those jobs would have made me as happy.

The web is evolving constantly, with the introduction of new technologies, ways of using them, new methods of interaction, new people starting up a blog or site to say "Hey, look at me!". To keep up as a designer/developer you have to stay on your toes, absorbing what is new and applying it in your work, so that next time you can be the one to say "Watch me do something innovative".


Wikipedia, HowStuffWorks, even search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Ask. Knowledge and answers are only a few clicks away. The amount of stuff I have learned (good and bad!) from the net is incredible, from World War II to Productivity, from the latest news to upcoming artists, if there is something to know it will be there.


I have made many friends using via the internet, and stayed in touch with old ones too. I love the fact that I can be on one part of the world chatting away to someone on another! I've met some great people that I otherwise wouldn't ever know about if it hadn't been for the net. I'd also like to be thankful for my girlfriend, Sasha. We met online, became friends, eventually hooked up and fell in love, and I couldn't be happier.


Podcasts have taken over my TV. I rarely watch TV and I have 28 podcast subscriptions, most of which update weekly. There is also sites like YouTube for sharing video and Last.fm for discovering new music. Internet gaming just blows my mind, owning many people you don't know from the comfort of your own bedroom/living room/office! Linking back in to the relationships deal, I have found people who are into the same games as me who can play with me while being many miles away. Which is good, I can get a bit too excited, verbally. :(

I <3 the Internet

While its the net that has had me up many late nights, it has enhanced and enriched my life in ways I didn't think it would, back when I got on for the first time and started a Neopets account. The internet must remain open and I support Net Neutrality. No censorship, no restrictions, service for all.

I'm proud that my kids will grow up with the internet, when they sign up for their first e-mail account (hopefully spam free!), research their first project or start their first web page. Though, I'll probably put a filter on their computer, just to be safe. ;)

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Brought a tear to my eye. We certainly do have things to be thankful of - the internet is so much more than just entertainment, it's the very medium which wll define how the 2000s are perceieved as we look back. It has changed everything, and I can't wait to see what we will do next!