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Olive is a recently launched web app from Sarah Parmenter of You Know Who. If you've ever wanted an easy way to manage client project maintanence task and fees, Olive was built just for that.

In Olive you set up client profiles which can have users and jobs attached. When you add a new client you can set them up with an initial user, so they can view and interact with the jobs. Within jobs you can post updates and share files related to the job, then set it to "Completed" when the job comes to an end. Of course, you're a business/professional, so what about making money? Credits.

Each job can be assigned a number of credits, of your choosing. Each credit relates to an amount in whichever currency you work with, the amount is set by you system-wide. For example, if you charge per hour you could set the credit value to the hourly fee and assign each job the number of hours it took/will take to complete. Clients can either have unlimited credits at their disposal or be limited to a subscription plan, though at this time I cannot work out how to set up the subscriptions.

You can also brand the app with your logo and colours. The page title is also the name of your company.

Pricing plans for the actual app come in a 4 flavors:

This is a very handy web app if you have trouble keeping maintenance work in order and need a central location to store the job details, with the option of limiting clients who go a bit mad. Go sign up for Olive to increase your monthly income!


Sarah Parmenter

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to say thank you for your blog about Olive, I'm really pleased you're with us and *hopefully* enjoying it!

How have you found it with your clients so far?

Sarah :-)


Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by! While I have found using Olive to be a pleasure, we are not sure how it will fit into things at Lift. We will definitely consider it, and if I was still freelancing I would certainly use it :)


hey I am currently using your new theme, in-the-rough but I am wanting to modify it to have two sidebars. One of either side of the content, and was wondering if you could help me out with the Wordpress functions.php file. I am not sure how I am meant to edit your functions.php file to enable Wordpress to recognise two sidebars.

By the way I am posting this here because I have been unsuccessful in finding a email address or contact form that isn't linked to a blog post on your site. You may want to address this issue with your site cause it makes contacting you hard. If there is a email address it is well hidden ... lol


Hi Aran! Sorry for the lack of contact details! I was planning to have a contact form on my about page but put it off while I work on another redesign. I've sent you a direct message on Twitter and I'll see what I can do to help you out. :)