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Nice n' Crafty Project

Got the Nice n' Crafty project page up, with two images of the logo.

This project is a collaboration with Sasha, who is helping with the logo and design. She has done some excellent work with the logo, and the client is very happy with it so a big round of applause for her! The final design is with the client so they can decide if it's ready for development or not. I think it will be, it's nice, simple and clean.

The deadline for this project is next week, but I am quick with the XHTML/CSS and the PHP/MySQL will be simple enough. I am excited about getting some code done, I helped Kalar out with some PHP work and it was fun, reminded me what I liked about programming. I've been stuck with design work for so long, and I am not even a designer! Time to get back to who I am, a web developer.

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Yeayyyy!!1 We are supa!kwl.