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Kevin Rose Comments on Digg's Future

This morning I was just wondering about a recent story I posted up on Digg, about Bebo's New Look. I checked it and it still had only 3 Diggs from the day before, not that I was hugely surprised by this, but it had me thinking "There must be more than 2 other people on Digg who would like to check this out".

I thought about how Digg should gear things more towards the user to help them find the stories they really want. Personally, I only visit the upcoming stories every few days, but I check my friends submitted stories for anything interesting. It's a good chance not everyone spends their time digging through the upcoming stories to find what interests them, most of the time there is just too many. Digg should incorporate ways of getting the stories that the user would be interested in to their attention, expanding beyond the front page to make some sort of personal front page that is a mix of upcoming stories and front page stories all related to their interests.

Then I see this article about The Next Web Conference. Kevin Rose made a surprise guest talk about the future of Digg.

They hope to provide a system whereby people can Digg just about anything, from restaurants, products, images and not just news and videos. With so many stories being submitted to Digg at the moment, they feel that it is getting harder for their users to find interesting articles that don't make it to the front page. They hope to look at what kind of stories you have previously dugg and suggest similar stories to you that they think you will like.

As you can see, he explains how Digg is going into images, a highly demanded section for Digg, as well as restaurant and product reviews. It also seems they are moving towards something I stated above, more personal experiences on Digg. This is pretty awesome, I can't wait to see how this changes Digg.

Oh, and on a side note, I submitted a story for one of the posts at zenhabits and it made it to the front page, which was pretty cool. I'll need to generate my own content and get something up there though, generate some traffic and maybe make so friends through it.

Update: Woot! Video embed!