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It must be that time of year

Summer is coming to an end and web designers/developers everywhere seem to be redesigning their personal sites, blogs and portfolios. Here's a few I have picked up on.

All these redesigns have me itching to do one of my own :D

Have you recently redesigned? Did I miss it? Please do share in the comments!


Jack Osborne

Cheers for the shout mate, appreciated.

All very nice redesigns there. The jQuery that Chris Bewick uses is brilliant, I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.

I also really like Gilberts, nice colour scheme and use of css3 stuff.

ps. You've been saying for a while now that your looking to redesign, I actually quite like yours as is, just get it convert to HTML5 ;)


Hi Mike. Thanks for the mention.

I must admit I do redesign far too much. I just find that after a few weeks of one design I have learned something else I want to try out (most recently CSS3 stuff).

@Jack Thanks for the comments.

Chris Bewick

Hey Mike, thanks for the link.

@Jack Glad you like the jQuery :)