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As a follow-up to my micro-blogging service comparison I would like to draw attention to HelloTxt. HelloTxt is a service that allows you to easily post to several micro-blogging services at once.

Their about page states:

The idea HelloTxt was born with the aim of centralizing the insertion of messages in more services with the advantage of getting more presences and more possibilities that is read what is written.

And I have to say, they are certainly on the right track. Though HelloTxt still quite young it supports a range of services that other options don't, and the developer are very keen to get new functionality pushed out. Currently, a mobile version is in private beta and they have just announced three major updates coming soon: Post from e-mail, Post from IM and a "secret" function yet to be revealed.

The services supported are:

And they are still looking to add more!

What I also really like about HelloTxt is the timeline. You can view each services timeline from HelloTxt, showing all your friends updates, and even reply to them right then and there! If they add RSS feed options, release the mobile version and roll out a desktop App, this service will be everything I need for my "digital stalking"*.

*I'm kidding...or am I? ;)


Adam Snider

Hmm...this definitely has potential, and it could certainly help some of the services that aren't as popular as Twitter, like Pownce and Jaiku, for example.

Still, one of the reasons that Twitter is so popular is because of the API, allowing for things like Twhirl, Snitter, and so on. Until HelloTxt offers something similar, I think it will have a long way to go to competing with Twitter and other mirco-blogging services.


Well, it doesn't really compete with the services but offer a way to unite them. On an internet where there's hundreds of the same service but with no easy way to transport data from service to service, things like HelloTxt are very valuable. Not only are they handy for being in every place your mates are, they are also great for networking and marketing yourself to a greater audience.

But yes, I agree that this won't gain much of a userbase until it offers an API to take things further.