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Get Naked!

That's right, it's time to show all. Swallow your pride and strip it all off. Go on, remove your CSS. It's CSS Naked Day 2009!

Each year on the 9th of April, websites all over the web strip off their CSS coating to leave only the (x)HTML. This lasts for one international day, so while it is still the 9th somewhere in the world this site will be naked.

Not only is this day a bit of fun, but can prove to be a learning experience too! Looking at my site without CSS it is clear I have made a few odd choices when marking up and styling it, particularly with the supplementary content.

Want to take part? Strip off the CSS from your own site and check the CSS Naked Day web page for more details!

Finally, a little amusement from explaining today to Sasha:


What is CSS Naked Day?


You know how we use CSS to style webpages? Well...


You're going to code CSS naked?!



*averts eyes* we all look the same nekkid!


I got nekkid :)


@Fiona - Good thing websites don't have genders!
@Iaman - Lookin' good ;)