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Get a Gravatar

I've been using Gravatars here on akamike for a while, but never really spoken about them. To raise awareness I've put together a "What are Gravatars?" info page which is linked on every comment form. Hopefully more friendly faces will appear in the comments!

Why not take things a step further and add Gravatars to your own site/blog? They aren't restricted to Wordpress and I know that I feel more compelled to read comments using them, so set them up!

I look forward to seeing more smiling faces :)



I've been using Gravatars for a while and most blog's now have them enabled. It adds a nice touch of personalization to comments.

PS. Hope you like my smiley face :)


Wow yeah, this is great!


Gravatar user comment chain!


Let's keep it going then!


Hooray for Gravatars. If only more people used them. Perhaps we all need a "What are Gravatars?" page to push it more. I always prefer when someone comments and they have a gravatar, for quick identification.


The page has had a fair amount of views, and I've noticed a couple of previous visitors have now got a Gravatar, so it's working!

@Nyssa: I agree, incorporate one into your redesign ;)

Mark Aplet

Odd. I use gravatar.com in fact my email address (same as the one I am using here) shows up on other blogs when I post. Not sure why it does not here on akamike.net Any Ideas why?


I'm not sure. I've had that bug before on the previous version of akamike, but it randomly fixed itself. Might just be a bug in the Gravatar system, but I'll look into it.


All fixed :)