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Future of Web Design, London 2009

On the 30th of April 2009, web designers, developers, marketers and more will descend on Kensington Town Hall for Future of Web Design! Of all the interesting people that will be there, there is one particular attendee that I'd like to note: me!

Ok ok, less ego more information about the conference. Hosted as always by the excellent Carsonified, FOWD London 2009 features another selection of fine speakers:

Some talk details are still undisclosed, but from what I can see on the schedule the conference will be very interesting. I won't be taking any of the workshops, but I cannot wait to hear/see the speakers and meet up with anyone attending. Feel free to just walk up to me (and Jack Osborne) at the conference and say "Hi", or preemptively do so in the comments or on Twitter.

I'm pretty excited! Who else is going to be there?



lucky you , sadly no more student tickets left :(


Man, I keep wishing I could live anywhere but Chicago every time I see something like this happening. Guess I just have to wait for my turn.

Also, it's nice to see you using this site again :)


@Chris - Great! Maybe I'll see you there :)

@Ehsan - They usually release more of each time as it gets closer to the conference. Keep an eye on the site and you might just be able to snap one up!

@Iaman - There is "An Event Apart" in Chicago in October, but it's pretty expensive. Some very inspirational speakers there though!

I'm going to make an effort to be active here, again ;)


Yeah, "An Event Apart" is really expensive. There was another conference (not specifically a Web Design conference, but a Usability conference) a month or two ago that my work would have been willing to pay for me to go to, but unfortunately it was on a Thursday and I had classes all day, so I wasn't able to go.

If I'm still working here in October, however, I might be able to work something out!

Jack Osborne

Good to see you using the blog again Mike, your posts are always a good read and you've got a steady flow of readers who get the comments flowing.

I cannot wait for this conference and not only because it'll be the first one I've been at. There are just so many people I'm really looking forward to meeting, I hope I don't get star struck.

Talking of web events, the next Oxford geek night line up is excellent, it's a pity it's too far away for me to attend because it looks to be a brilliant night, I hope you enjoy it.


I’m going there too, and I’m so excited about it, as it’s going to be my first conference ever :)

I’ll see you there, if I get the chance!


It's my first conference too! I'll keep an eye out for you :)


i will be visiting there also for my office trip so may be come for this event....thanks for info looking site now