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Facebook = Awesome

I have never really been big on social networks. I'll have account here and there, maybe play about on them for a week or two, then my interest drops and it becomes outdated. Take my myspace for example, it still says I am 18 despite being 19 since February and I have no plans on updating it. But what if I had a basic profile that is easy to update, and has the option of bringing more of my content in from other places...

Facebook starts off pretty simple. You sign up with your e-mail, set your password, date of birth, even add your current school/college/workplace and your location. Plug in some standard info such as your favorite music, movies, interests, a blurb about you, etc. Get your friends profiles, send invites, get connected to your mates and join groups of interest.

Now stop (hammer time).

You have a very basic, but personal profile. It gives information about you, connects your friends/groups and builds a network around them. But you don't want to re-upload all those photos from the night out, last weekend. Or, you don't want to copy and paste your blog entries over, or start passing out messages to say "hey this is a cool link", when you already have a blog, you already have a del.icio.us account, and so on. The answer is: Applications.

The "Facebook Platform" allows developers to bring in their sites services and content into facebook, including user specific content. Right now, I have my recent del.icio.us links, recent diggs, the RSS feed from my blog and my recent last.fm stats all showing on my profile with a few mouse clicks. Now I can just go about my usual stuff, and my profile will show all my updated information. My view is it is a hub for me, linking all my content and stats to my profile.

However, facebook platform is in its infancy and I would like to see many more applications. For example, recent deviations from DA or photos from flickr, but give it time. Get a profile now, and check it out.

Update: Turns out there is an unofficial flickr application which I am now using.




I can't be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say recently.



I have improved my deviantart facebook application a little bit tonight;

*Your own scraps (enter your deviantart username)
*Selection of the number of thumbnails

It is still in developer mode!, help me out at: facebook development

If someone has an idea to accelerate this method (There is no deviantart API, hence this slow solution) please let me know.


I edited the comment to add the link (cleaned up the other comments too ;) )

I looks alright, the thumbs need to be smaller before putting it on a profile, but great work so far. I haven't had a chance to play about with it myself, things would be so much easier of DA would improve their RSS :/