akamike (2007-2010)

E-mail - "Important"

Do you have a folder/label for your e-mail named "Important"? Where you just archive things away for rare use in the future. I do, and it is starting to worry me!

I should be sorting my e-mails better than this, and generally I do. GWRadio related issues go to my GWR label, uni issues into Uni and so on. But sometimes I just get lazy and think "bleh, password reminder for random site, *important*" because I don't expect to save much for that account and it doesn't really fall under anything else. Or maybe I'll get an e-mail that I would like to read (maybe about an article or something) later, I would drop it in here....and never come back to it.

I plan on sorting through my e-mails at the end of this project, re-organize my labels, subscriptions, etc. I am thinking about using the star system to mark important e-mails that need attention a.s.a.p like I do in Google Reader, it seems to work well with me.

Maybe it's time for you to sort that important folder!