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Download Day 2008

The Mozilla Foundation has set up Download Day 2008, to mark the attempt for the most downloads in a day. On the release of Firefox 3, download it. That's all you have to do. You can also sign-up to pledge your download which will send you an email when Firefox 3 is available and reports about the event.

Download Day 2008

Firefox is an awesome browser, my main browser in fact. Apart from the memory issues in Firefox 2, I have not had any problems and with the number of great add-ons available it is a very handy piece of software. To name a few web dev related ones:

If you're a serious web developer, I highly recommend those add-ons. If you're just browsing then I still encourage you to use Firefox. It's safe, fast and very extensible. Pledge your download today for Firefox 3. Let's set the record for most downloads in a day.

[via Gilbert Pellegrom]



Thanks for the mention mike.

Michael Martin

I'm pledged. Kind of excited about it as well, strangely!