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ChannelFlip Relaunch

It's be a while since I originally wrote about ChannelFlip. They recently relaunched with a new website and show setup so I thought I would revisit this awesome UK video magazine to provide my thoughts. Also, they have the guys of Finite Comedy producing some of the content, so are they any good?

ChannelFlip still runs 3 different shows covering gaming, tech and film. However, each show has been renamed. Play:Digital is now ChannelFlip Games, with Katharine Fletcher reviewing games. Discus is now ChannelFlip Film, with Justin Gayner taking the week's DVD releases and giving them a good watch. Before ChannelFlip's period of silence they launched a show titled "Killing Time" (see below), which has now merged with Unwired to create ChannelFlip Tech. The tech show is a mix of Wil Harris and Finite Comedy (Iyaz Akhtar and Robert Borgesi (aka Bob)), with tech reviews from Wil and boredom busting tech ideas from Iyaz and Bob.

Apart from Iyaz and Bob's ChannelFlip Tech segments, the shows are pretty much the same. Wil still uses his intelligent affinity with gadgets and technology to advise on the best toys money can buy. Katherine shows that gaming isn't just a guys world, geeking out over the latest games and giving her educated opinion. Justin analyzes films and gives a well spoken, often comical report then reviews sweets, crisps and other snacks for DVD night munchies.

The Finite Comedy episodes are a great introduction to the line-up, proving to be quite funny and informative. They are an excellent addition to ChannelFlip. Finite Comedy also have several other shows including "Killing Time" which as originally an entertainment review show before they pitched to ChannelFlip. As the ChannelFlip Killing Time has become part of ChannelFlip Tech, Killing Time has gone back to its roots by reviewing Marvel Movies (audio).

ChannelFlip is still, without a doubt, a great source for your weekly review needs. I would still like to see some more shows but I understand how difficult it must be to run already! Serving up this excellent content is no small task, and I would like to thank the ChannelFlip team for providing this awesome content!

Give them your undivided attention, you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to subscribe for the latest episodes.

UPDATE: ChannelFlip is also running a viewer survey, with some goodies up for grabs, so remember to fill it in: ChannelFlip Viewer Survey