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Bodzo is a new search engine and way to advertise your site. Similar to The Big Word Project, which I have written about before, you can submit your site to the search engine and tag it with a word. Except, Bodzo is free!


Each site can only be submitted once, and can only be assigned one tag. However, you can also provide a description and title for your site link, which is included in a users search. Once added, your site will be returned for relevant keyword searches, depending on your sites rank.

Sites are ranked based on points, which can be attributed to your site in two ways:

From the Bodzo FAQ

Clicks: For every unique outgoing click, your website will receive one point.

Link back: For every unique incoming visitor you send from your website to Bodzo you will get two points.

The search engine will also be pornographic, abusive, offensive and illegal content free, meaning can be a nice site to have your kids use when searching (once the index of sites grows of course).

It is an interesting idea, I've already got myself signed up to the tag "blog" and received a few visitors. I also know the founder, who has very big plans for Bodzo and will start rolling out some cool new features soon. Go to Bodzo, submit your site and be prepared. Maybe post on your own blog about Bodzo when you're done. Remember: Every unique visitor you send will give you two points, pushing you up in the ranks!



Thank you for the support Mike!

Adam Snider

It'd be nice if you could submit more than one page from the same domain, but I suppose that would lead to a lot of spam from some of the sleazier SEO types.


Hello Adam,

It would be nice to also have this feature but as you said it could cause more spam. I may implement a small crawler in the future that only scans specific links on the root page of each website but that is at the bottom of my to do list. New features before that for the future include editing of description and titles (using a verification system) and more ways to earn points.




nice site, I like the idea with the points. Submitted my site immediatly!