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Anime Deals Launched

I am proud to announce that AnimeDeals is now live with some initial content. This is a blog promoting online anime DVD deals for UK anime fans, in an attempt to fill the hole in this area.

After using deal sites to save money on games, I felt the need to hunt down anime deals to expand my own anime DVD collection. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other sites dedicated to this. Occasionally I will find deals on HotUKDeals but reports can be rare. I decided to fix this problem myself, so I purchased the domain and quickly put together a Wordpress blog with simple custom theme.

I plan to seek out anime DVD deals at least once a day and post up my findings, to share them with other UK anime fans. Anime in the UK is a bit messy, with delayed or even non-existent releases. The releases we do get are often expensive or hard to find. Even anime on TV only seems to be whatever is hot in America, usually with bad dubbing or a lot of content removed. With AnimeDeals I can spread awareness of deals in these difficult times and maybe even build a community around it.

Of course, I would be lying if I said I don't get a little something extra out of this. I am using affiliate links where possible to gain a little revenue from the site. However, I don't expect this to be much but hopefully it will cover the sites costs. These are low at the moment but if the site gains popularity I will need to put a bit of money towards it's own hosting and other things. This also gives me a chance to experiment with affiliate services, and maybe further advertising as the site grows.

That doesn't mean I won't post deals from sites I am not affiliated with. My primary goal is still to build a community around the site. I am aiming for the site to grow into a service where users can share their own deal findings, discuss and review their purchases (through AnimeDeals or not). I feel there is a lot of potential here and I am keen to see how far I can take it. I also have a number of ideas for tools to help manage the site, which will be interesting to develop and hopefully prove to be useful experience.

For now the site will only promote DVD deals, but I do intend to expand into other merchandise such as posters and models.

If you're an anime fan in the UK, visit the site to check out the latest deals. Don't forget to subscribe or follow the @animedeals Twitter account.


Jack Osborne

Best of luck with the new site, I'll help get the word out too :)


Wow, this is actually a pretty cool idea. Even over here on the other side of the pond it can be pretty hard to find good deals!