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A squirrel has turned me into a cartoon

Yesterday, on the way home from work I was pleasantly surprised (seemed like a day for it) to find that Kyle Weems has studied my anatomy, distinguishing features and fashion sense to turn me into a character in his web comic, CSSquirrel. The result is, as ever, hilarious.

Making an appearance next to the squirrel and Jeremy Keith, we have a completely innocent conversation which is unfortunately devoid of semantics. Google-bot happens to be passing by and takes it upon itself to work out what we are saying.

This comic is in response to the recent removal of, and failed alternative solution to, dialog. I wrote about dialog on HTML5Doctor not too long before this change, and was not best pleased by the replacement. Now, marking up conversations is up for discussion (no pun intended), so make sure you get your thoughts in.

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Jack Osborne

Even all the way out in Thailand I heard the news!

Well done mate, that's awesome, maybe one day I'll be transformed into pixels :)