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UK Lagging in Tech

I was reading the blog of Christopher Hamilton, via zen habits, and came across a post about the lack of major UK tech businesses. Noting last.fm (which is really the only one I can think of that is doing something big), it's got me wondering why we don't have anything that really stands out. As I said in my comment, there's plenty of interest, with web development, pc repair/custom building and such all over the place, so why are none of them doing anything cool?

As I type this up, I am digging about to see what I can think of. Let's see what I find:

So I managed to pull together a handful, which is sad considering I can link to several major businesses from the US, in this sentence, without even thinking.

If anyone has any other suggestions let me know. But really, come on UK :(!

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Thanks for the comment.

It's not easy to find UK companies is it. My buddy Lance and I have spent a bit of time looking into it, and are starting a new project specifically orientated to the UK Tech scene, which will hopefully make some of the companies we've found a little more visible.

Initially we did the same thing as you, we thought of about ten companies in a heartbeat and almost all of them were US based.

If your interested in knowing a little more about the project. Drop me an email and I'll let you know when the new site goes fully live.