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Oxford Geek Night #8

Last week, OGN#8 rocked on through the night with a musical theme. Actually, it lasted until about 10:50pm when all the talks were done and people started heading home... Despite the lack of an all-night "rock-a-thon", the evening was filled with some great talks.

Alan Bradburne and I set off by train, Matt Carey arriving before us and nabbing a table. As usual, Google provided free drinks and the evening started with the usual pre-keynote chatter.

To kick things off, Ben Walker performed a few of his songs which were hilariously awesome. If you haven't heard them, I recommend you check out what he played on the night:

The first talk was by Rhodri Marsden, titled "Please Buy My Record: The Futility Of Flogging Music". The talk was brilliant, interesting and funny. A text version of the talk is available on Music Think Tank. This was followed by a talk by the CEO of Songkick, Ian Hogarth. The talk was titled "Songkick: A Home for Live Music Online" and covered an alternative view to that of Rhodri, that musicians can make lots of money playing live music. This made a good opening for questions in the Q&A session, except I missed it by going to the toilet, so nothing to report.

After a short break we had the microslots, which seemed to fly by. I guess 5mins isn't as long as I thought!

Of all the talks my favourites were Rhodri Marsden's and Rachel Andrew's, James Turnbull's use of LOLcats was also amusing. Highlight of the evening was definitely Ben Walker's performance. Oh, and the book raffle seemed to show that Django isn't that popular. First Adobe Air/Flex, now Django, I wonder who's next? ;)

See you at OGN#9 (Upcoming)!


Ben Walker

Thanks for the mention, Mike. I really enjoyed the night, especially Rhodri's rant. Quality.

I'm glad the Twitter went down well. I don't think it will ever be quite so relevant... ;o)


Hey Ben, thanks for stopping by! I've even had my girlfriend listening to the Twitter song, who completely agrees with the final verse. ;)

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Music It just turns my legs to dance with out keys. Felt like really rocking.checked ben walker's was ok. not that much good.