akamike (2007-2010)

Wordpress 2.2

Wordpress 2.2 has been released and I have upgrade akamike successfully.

I also took the time to add sitemaps, HTML and XML versions. There is also a technorati favorites button down below! You may have noticed a last.fm radio appearing on the sidebar, but that's gone. Too big, I think. Made a few changes in how post titles, categories and dates are displayed to fix some IE problems, nothing visual unless you use IE. There is still a problem with the contact form (in IE) which I will not fix because it's not worth the hassle, it's functional which is the main thing. Oh, and I changed the link colours and fixed the archives bug too!

If you find any problems, let me know and I'll get right on fixing it.

Apart from that, meeting last night for my upcoming project went well, so expect details up on my projects page soon. Sasha, my wonderful girlfriend, is helping me out by working on the logo (since I am not the best artist!) which helps her too since it's another thing for her portfolio.