akamike (2007-2010)

Introducing akamike v3

After months of being undecided and failed attempts, what you see before you now is the third iteration of akamike. It's smaller, neater and better!

For a long time my twitter stream has been filled with updates mentioning me working on a new akamike design, each time referring to a completely different concept to what I last tried. In a few days I have made a push to get this designed, built and put live so I can finally stop over-thinking it!

I'm very happy with the result, it is everything I need right now. Of course, I am open to the idea of expansion in future but I don't need most of what version 2 had. I had no need for a work section, and my extras page was rarely updated because I didn't have the time to create things to share. If I do need such sites I will likely make them standalone sub-domains. This is now just a blog.

There are a few things I have yet to clean up. The one that most people will notice is the background isn't too sharp and doesn't use the right colours. Truth be told, I am missing the original PSD and can't quite get the replace colour feature of Pixelmator to do the job on the flat PNG. Other problems will come from backwards compatibility with older posts, but most visitors are unlikely to be reading them!

I am not supporting IE6 in this version, IE6 users aren't my target audience and the share of IE6 users visiting this site is extremely low. We still support IE6 at Lift but I don't in my personal work unless absolutely necessary.

Please leave your feedback in the comments! I am completely open to suggestions as to what I can improve or even just a few ego-boosting pats on the back ;)

Oh, and as with the launch of version 2, here is a screenshot of the previous version for posterity:

akamike version 2 screenshot

UPDATE: I just found out that the comments form wasn't working. This has now been fixed, so please submit your comments again :)



Thanks Jay :D

Jack Osborne

Nice, clean and simple. Good job Mike. Looking forward to seeing you again next week!


Thanks Jack, glad you like it! FOWD is going to be awesome :)


I've only just come across your site via JSM's.

Looking at the old screenshot I would say that you have done a very good job with this design, well done!


Thanks Matt! I feel the same. I'm glad that someone can arrive here from JSM's amazing site and still think of mine as good :)

Kilian Valkhof

Really nice Mike! I love it. Very stylish and clean.


Thanks Kilian :)


I like it, very nice and clean.


Thanks Rua :D

Joanne Milburn


I discovered your site on Google and wondered if maybe you could help me (after lots of to-ing and fro-ing with O2)

I recently had my computer stolen (with the software disc inside that I got fere with my O2 Cocoon phone – do you happen to know anywhere I can replace it from?
I really don’t know what else to try…

Thank you so much

Joanne Milburn