akamike (2007-2010)

An Update on the Lack of Updates

I am majorly behind on blog posting! I have missed 3 Sunday Links, have 4 drafts queued up for editing and have just returned from staying with Sasha for almost two weeks, so I have a post about a day out from that. Read on to find out what I have been up to and what can be expected in the near future.

The Visit

On Tuesday 14th August, I travelled down to Reading to stay with my wonderful girlfriend, Sasha, until the 26th Aug.

The journey down went pretty smoothly. On the third (final) train, there was no luggage spaces for my suitcase so I placed it under the table at the disabled bit, looking to move it asap when a space was free. Not long after I sat down, the ticket inspector walked by and tried to put it in the storage bit. Now, I had already broken one of the handles because it was so heavy, and the other one was about to go (leaving the trolley handle the only way of moving it about). Obviously, the guy didn't know this and tried to lift it with the dodgy handle and it broke. He managed to get it in to the luggage bit (I was at the other end of the carriage or else I would have come down and moved it myself) by holding the ends, after moving other passengers luggage into something more organized. He apologized for breaking the handle when he took my ticket, but I told him not to worry about it since I knew it was going to break. We laughed and moved on!

The last train had some difficulties with trespassers on the tracks, plus helping disabled users at several stations, so we ended up getting delayed several times. First it was 5mins. Then 15. Then 45. Finally, I arrived in Reading 55mins late.

Unfortunately, the weather had been quite hot up until I got there, becoming wet and not too sunny until the last couple of days. The visit was mainly spent in house: playing on my Xbox 360 (Me getting Sasha into Call of Duty 3); playing on her PS2 (Sasha getting me into Tomb Raider Anniversary); playing WoW, Counter-Strike and Medal of Honor on the PCs; watching Family Guy, My Family, Friends, bidup.tv (mainly to make fun of the presenters and items on sale) and various movies on TV; while eating crumpets, baguettes filled with eggs, bacon, beans, sausage and cheese and curries.

On Monday 20th we went to see The Simpsons Movie, which I'll post a review of soon, and on Saturday 25th we went to Beale Park, a great wildlife and animal park near Pangbourne, which I will post about soon due to the large amount of photos. It's a shame we couldn't go out more, even to sit in the back garden, which was great during the short periodss of clear skies.

Now, I am home, and I miss being by her side. However, I have some news which I will report over the next few weeks!

The Projects

Now that I am back, I can return to work. I have a few more project pages to add, which already have designs so there will be something to look at. I am quite pleased with my work on them so far, so stay tuned for that! I may also add a comments section to the projects pages, so people may provide more direct feedback. GWRadio will be making a major revamp soon, content and structure wise, so please drop by the forum to give your input.

The Articles

I have been doing some research and interviewing for a couple of articles for a little while now, and I have drafts and notes all ready for turning into some interesting articles. These are web design and development related and mainly deal with theory behind your projects. However, the knowledge you can gain will be useful in enhancing your practical techniques and execution of a project, so make sure you are subscribed for updates via your RSS reader, so you don't miss them. Except at least 1 over the next few weeks.

Redesign in the Works

I am thinking about redesigning akamike, not just visually. Since the launch of akamike, 4 months ago, I have made many changes to the design and template files to add extra features and tweaks that I did not plan. I am looking to make akamike a better blog, with more interesting posts and articles, easier to view current and past projects (maybe not by directly incorporating my portfolio, but archiving past projects) and to make future additions easier for all of us (me to add and you to access). This probably won't launch for a while, I have a busy month ahead of me, but feel free to give your suggestions as to what you would like to see. Oh, and as I have said in the past, I am going to start a podcast, so keep that in mind!

Missing Posts!

Yes, I have missed several Sunday Links posts and other usual things (such as the latest issue of .net), I'm sorry! I didn't forget about them, and I did have many links bookmarked to share, I just haven't had the time to get them posted. I'll do a large link dump this Sunday (and I am posting this to make sure I do it), and push out the other posts as soon as I can.

Host Switch

I need to switch hosts in the next 16 days (due to some old domain issues), so there may be a brief downtime during this period. I am looking at Host Gator right now, but if anyone has suggestions or reviews then let me know.

That's all I can think of for now, thanks for your patience!