akamike (2007-2010)

1 Year of akamike

On the 6th of May 2007, akamike launched. Using Wordpress I was able to set up a place for me to share my thoughts, post about things I found interesting, and eventually release a free theme on.

Back in the day I used to post pretty much every day. Back then I was at university, obsessively browsing Digg to kill time and had all the time in the world. Since then I have gotten a job, moved in with Sasha, become a bit more educated and (hopefully) become a better person.

Blogging here at akamike has been a great experience so far. I've made friends through it and been able to build a small group of regular readers. I would really like to take things further, to build a larger community of readers and commenters so we can all discuss topics of interest. My goal for the next year of akamike is not only to increase my skills as a web developer, but to increase the quality of my posts, to release more free downloads (themes/plug-ins) and to network with more related blogs.

My thanks to all of the akamike readers for being here. For my long-time readers: Stick around, there is plenty left to come. For new comers: Thanks for tuning in, you're welcome here!



Happy Birthday akamike! lol. Glad to hear you have bigger plans for the future. Can't wait.


gz on teh year anniversary mikenub! I am jealous of your awesome site and html skillz :@!


Thanks everyone :)