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.net Magazine #167

A late post about the latest issue of .net! I was away when this issue came out but I had a copy waiting for me at home, and I am in it! Check me out on the Reader's Sites page, and if you just came from there, Hello! Not got a copy yet? Read on for an overview of what to expect, it will make you run out and buy it.

A silver and orange cover this month, with a theme of sound & vision. Youtube's Steve Chen and Chad Hurley get interviewed, as well as The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowland. Gary Marshall has an article entitled "Masterclass: The Perfect Podcast" teaching you how to turn your podcast into something people will listen to (something I really must take to heart for my future podcast). Karl Hodge provides tips to "Create Amazing Movies" in the online video segment.

Tutorials this issue include "Produce Perfect Tables" by Craig Grannell and "Generate Flash Movies" by Paul Hudson. Karl Hodge shows how to use free software to create a podcast, Paul Wyatt presents a two part (in a single issue) tutorial on creating and interactive flash movie. Finally, Rob Buckley shows you how to "Showcase pics in Moveable Type".

Oh yes, and don't forget about The .net Magazine Awards 2007, where you can submit your favourite sites, technologies and people in the tech industry. Nominations close on the 16th of October, so get yours in.

I haven't had a chance to read this properly yet, I've skimmed through it a few times, though. There's a few articles I really want to sit down and read in peace, to soak up as much as I can, particularly the ones relative to podcasting. Next issue: 12 September!


Gilbert Pellegrom

Thats where I read about your site. It was .NET. Nice one.


Thank you :)