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.net Magazine #166

The latest issue of .net is out! I've flicked through and read some of it over the past couple of days, and I Pownced it. Read on for a brief overview of what is in this month.

Sporting a blue and white cover, this months feature is Refresh! "The Ultimate Site Refresh" by Gary Marshall looks at how to successfully redesign a website, to give it a new look, while ensuring everything is top notch for your users. Mark Buckingham goes into how to "Build an eBay empire" with tips on improving your earnings and selling skills.

There is an interview with Kevin Rose (Digg, Revision3, Pownce) about Digg, and a "How we built" interview with Matt Shobe of Feedburner, recently acquired by Google.

Tutorials this month consist of Scrollable Content Areas with CSS, 3D Flash Navigation, PHP Browser Detection, Creating a Custom Google Search Engine, Designing Effective Layouts and Building a Social Network with Elgg. This months build-off is on music festival sites, Cottages.co.uk gets a makeover (Note: not live) and it's packed with the usual expert advice and tips.

Gary's refresh article is a good read, not only for redesigning sites. It is also a reminder of how users shouldn't be confused by a design and how they view it should be the focus of your design. Also, a great quote from Nathan Smith (Note: There is a typo in the magazine for his URL):

20% of your time is spent developing for good browsers - 80% is spent making it work in IE6

The Kevin Rose interview didn't seem to reveal anything new, to me at least. I briefly read the rest this morning, but I'll go back to give it a better look.

So, where's your copy?


Nathan Smith

Hey, thanks for the heads-up on this month's .Net Magazine. Any chance of getting a scanned version of my article? We don't get the publication on this side of the Atlantic. :)


Haha, the .net team might stop by my house and break my legs if I do that ;)

However, .net is avaliable over in the US as "Practical Web Design", and they recently added a special subscription offer for US readers over at My Favourite Magazines, if you're interested in that :)


I didn't realise it was out, or I'd have asked Dan to send Nathan a PDF. I'm on it, particularly now Nathan's tracked me down and threatened to hurt me if I don't :)

Nathan Smith

"Threatened to hurt" - Yeah, better watch out!