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.net Magazine #165

The latest issue of .net is here! I'm having a look through it just now, but of course you already knew that from my Twitter, right?

This issue features some interesting articles, as usual. Gary Marshall goes over the "Top 40 Web Applications" which ranges from Google Calendar, to Last.fm, to Feedburner*. He also has another article about joining communities, complimenting the "Build the Perfect Web Community" article by Jason Walsh.

There is an interview with Jimmy Wales of Wikia, showcases of Big Spaceship and Shane Mielke, as well as the usual tips and techniques, including CSS snippets and boilerplates, generating PDFs with PHP and an introduction to ASP.NET.

There is also the website build-off, this week it's dentist sites, a "How We Built" on Twitter and everyone's favourite "Trash" section, the best of the internet.

Only skimmed through it for now, since I have to jump out for a bit, but if anything provokes thought in my cobwebs I'll post about it!

*A semi-unrelated note, because I have a question about feedburner. I heard about a plugin for wordpress to direct all your feeds through feedburner, so that you can track subscribers and check stats. Since Wordpress doesn't offer this in it's wordpress package, and I only occasionally see incoming links from feed readers, it would be a nice addition. Just wanted opinions on the plugin, pros and cons, etc. Thanks.


Dan Labute

Pretty cool issue. I'm giving it a read right now.

Also, I love your layout.


Haha, thanks :D

It's called "Practical Web Design" over there isn't it?