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The Dark Knight

On Thursday (24th) last week I went to see The Dark Knight, the latest in the Batman series. I have yet to see Batman Begins so this was my first look at the revival of Batman movies, and with the high acclaim it has I was very excited. I'll just say it: This is an excellent movie!

SPOILER ALERT: While I won’t go particularly deep into the story, I will refer to parts of the movie which may or may not take away some of the enjoyment. Bookmark this post, go see the movie, then come back and read this post. It will still be here when you get back! Of course, if you don't care about spoilers, read on!

We (Sash's family and I) went for a 10pm showing in the hope that there would be less people. We didn't take any chances, arriving a the cinema and securing our seats just after 9pm. By 9:40pm the room was almost full, although it lacked kids which improved the experience. When watching Indiana Jones a bunch of kids in the row in front of us wouldn't shut up until someone came over and threatened to throw them out. Fun times.

Anyway, The Dark Knight. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and The Joker (Heath Ledger) go head to head in this dark comic book movie. While being long I felt the pace of the movie was very comfortable for me. However, it has a few moments where I was left thinking "Ok, this must be the end of the movie..." when it really wasn't! For example, I was expecting Two-Face/Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to be the villain of the next movie so I wasn't expecting the final confrontation.

Gotham is headed to a point where it seems crime is a thing of the past, criminals in complete fear of Batman and the "White Knight" District Attorney Harvey Dent. The Joker decides to stir things up, convincing the mob to go along with him in his plan to bring corruption right to the heart of those who defend it.

Of course, the story is nothing without the characters, and this movie has some great ones. I loved the performances by all the actors, the characters were played very well and I can't think of any particularly weak dialogue off the top of my head. Heath Ledger was excellent as the Joker, completely mad but also very reserved at the same time. It is a real shame that he has passed on, I would have loved to see him play the part again.

To conclude, I highly recommend this movie and I will definitely be buying it on DVD. What did you think of it?

Author note: As you can tell by my very brief conclusion, I wrote this post last week and today realized that I didn't finish it. Oops!



I totally agree. I went to see the film last night and was amazed. The acting, affects and story were all amazing.

I felt that Heath Ledger was the perfect actor to play the Joker and am also saddened at his passing because I would have loved to see him act like that again, and Bale is great as usual. Highly recommended.

Adam Snider

I agree with you. I also thought that Two-Face would be the villain in the next movie, and didn't expect things to turn out as they did in this film.

Jack Osborne

I knew I forgot to post on this, so here it goes a full month later than planned.

I've never really been a fan of Batman series however I decided I'd give this movie a shot after hearing the hype and also after finding out it was showing at our local iMax theatre.

Totally agree with you Mike, I thought the movie could have ended at least three times, without thinking I had been let down. The movie was brilliant and Heath Ledger was nothing short of spectacular in his roll, I honestly thought he was earning the plaudits simply because of his passing but I'm glad I was wrong.

Reference to the joker: http://tomztoyz.blogspot.com/2008/08/hot-toys-new-figure-joker-bank-robber.html


Anyway, back on topic, the affects were brilliant and not once did I find myself looking at the clock during the movie, I was totally captivated by it. Even the smaller parts played by Mr. Freeman and Caine played vital roles in the movie without stealing the show.

In reply to the Twoface comments above, I was also of the opinion that they'd make a bigger feature of his character, with him leading into another movie. Perhaps they weren't banking on Heaths demise?

The Dark Knight is one of the very few movies which I'd give 5/5 rating for. A must see.


Wow, what a comment, Jack! That is such an awesome looking toy :D

Jack Osborne

It was going to be much longer but because I was surfing the net working I had to cut it very short. You may also notice a high volume of spelling errors ha!

FAIL. Must try harder. 2/5 :)

The toy is indeed amazing, too bad it costs something like $150 and doesn't come out until November. I'm not really into toys but I *NEED* that one, it's just a shame it costs so much.


I love the movie! Heath Ledger was perfect for his role as the joker. Too bad he passed away without even knowing how successful the movie went.

-M from Mexico