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The Simpsons Movie

A late (as everything is around here!) review of The Simpsons Movie. Sasha and I went to see this long-awaited, family favourite comedy while I stayed in Reading. Did it live up to expectations? Read on to find out!

Everyone knows the Simpson family. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, with regular appearances from Grandpa, Flanders, Moe, Mr Burns, Smithers, Bumblebee Man, Milhouse and more. Set in their home town of Springfield, the movie has all your favourite characters and locations. Apart from the Simpsons themselves, Ned is the only other character that has some key part in the storyline, and even then it's a side story. The rest pop in to push out comical lines and then move on, which is a little disappointing. I understand that this is "The Simpsons Movie" and not "The Springfield Movie", but a little more involvement from others would have been great.

The animation has a slight face-lift from the TV series, as many animated movies gain. There is a part with their car that seems a little odd, a kind of 3D element that doesn't fit with the rest of the movie. Apart from that, everything was smooth and pretty!

Now, the story. I enjoyed the movie, it kept me entertained and had me laughing. However, the story was not epic enough in my opinion. It just felt like another episode that lasted a bit longer with the usual crazy plot, though, I actually felt the movie went by pretty quicky. I wanted something bigger, more involvement from the residents of Springfield and take them new places (the Alaska bit was good but a bit short). It was entertaining but for "The Simpsons Movie" it's a bit disappointing.

Overall, it's worth a watch. It's funny, mildly entertaining and is worth getting on DVD. I enjoyed it and laughed a lot, but it's far from a favourite film and possibly not as entertaining as sticking on a season of the series.