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Talk to Me About the Environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
That's right, it's Blog Action Day, a day for bloggers to post about the environment to send out a strong message and to educate. But what about those who don't know much about the environment problems? I am one of them.

Despite my tendency to not waste anything, usually turning off electrical equipment I don't need running and that there is a recycling bin pick-up every fortnight, I don't really know a huge amount about how my actions are making changes. I have rough ideas of what else I can do, which is where you, my readers, come in.

Educate me, educate other readers, teach us about the state of the environment and what we can do to change it. Do it either in the comments or on your own blog, don't forget to send a pingback so I can get to the post easily. If you have already posted, or have found a cool post on someone's blog, link me in the comments. I'll add all posts to a list of resources at the bottom of this post.