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Sunday Links #1

Alright, as many other bloggers seem to do, I am starting a link dump post. Every Sunday, I'll post my findings of the week to spread the word and share some love. I also plan to do themed weeks, but we'll see about that later. Read on for my picks of the week!

This week I will just round up the best links I have found this month, since I have been slow with my feed reading and random browsing recently. It's the first week anyhoo, and they are worth a look!

Usually, I'll have a bit more than this but, as I said, I am behind with my hunting. The videos should keep you entertained for an hour or two though, they are pretty short but there is quite a few. I'll clean up my act for next Sunday, and hope the week brings some interesting things!

Author's Note: I realize this is being posted on Monday, I did have this all typed up on Sunday but didn't publish. I was going to check it and publish just before I went to bed, but I was completely knackered and forgot. Forgive me, please!