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Meet Oats, Pip and Pixel!

While at work a few weeks ago I got a message from Sash to say she had a surprise for when I got home. Completely clueless, I arrived home to find not one, not two but three pet mice! Just like my post last month about my cats, here's a bit of info about each with photos.


With white and black fur, Oats is probably the cutest of the three. She partly closes her eyes when she sniffs at or comes to see you, then scurries off to do whatever she was planning to do before you interrupted her! She also loves to climb all over the cage, often found scaling the walls then walking upside down on the ceiling, usually to climb on top of the wheel. Of course this means that if Pip or Pixel feel like a run, she ends up rolling round and falling off, but she's quickly up and off she climbs again!


Pip is the friendliest and most curious. Her fur is brown and white, and I swear one of her eyes is red. If you were to reach into the mouse cage, perhaps to change the food dish, she will be the first at your hand. She'll sniff, she'll climb and she'll occasionally nibble on you if your finger is outstretched, a trait that Oats seems to be picking up. It doesn't hurt though, she soon stops and proceeds to climb your hand/arm. Once, I was distracted by Sash talking as I was taking out the wheel for the night (it doesn't half squeak!), and curious Pip jumped into the wheel in a bid for adventure! While she didn't get far, as Sash spotted her climb in, I'm sure she was absolutely thrilled.


My baby, named by me quite appropriately. I have long wanted a mouse called Pixel, and it just so happens than Pixel has a (almost) square shaped marking on the top of her head. The shyest of the trio, Pixel takes great caution when approaching anything but isn't afraid to try to climb out the cage when the top is off. In fact, she was the one to work out that they can use the corners to help push their little bodies up and up out!

I would like to say that, at this time, Pixel is not well. Today, Sash found her to be very weak, too weak to even scurry off when you try to pick her up. She will be taken to the vet tomorrow to have her checked out, but we are very worried about her. I really want her to be ok, I am making a point of posting this post (which has been in my drafts for a little while now) because I don't want to have any of them "left out", should the worst happen. I'll update her condition in the comments when I know what is going on.

All three mice are adorable. They don't bite aggressively and are a much welcome addition to my life. As with the cat post, I invite you to post about your own pets. Let me know about it in the comments or with a trackback :)



Naming your mouse pixel, haha.
I used to have a hamster which was kinda like Oats, climbing all over the cage and hanging on the ceiling.


I just got into work a few minutes ago, and I received a text from Sash to say Pixel has passed on :(


I'm really sorry to hear that mike.


You have really cute pets. But I'm not really a fan of mice :) I have my own pet too. She's a rabbit and her name is Posh :)

-M from Mexico