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Google Reader Losing Your Feeds? Mike Losing the Will to Blog?

Techcrunch is reporting that there is Data Loss at Google Reader. People are missing feeds and while I haven't had this problem (or at least I haven't noticed), I've been having trouble with marking items as read. While it's not like clicking "Mark All Read" a second time will take a huge chunk out of my day, it's still annoying if I don't notice it until I come back to read feeds, which end up being the same one's I wasn't interested in an hour ago.

If you Google Reader users have been having problems, why don't you jump on over to the comments and let Techcrunch know what they are. If you don't use Google Reader, definately check it out when this is all sorted out, it's a great aggregator.

In the world of Mike, I haven't been posting at all recently, been too busy/tired. The Nice n' Crafty project has been going well, nearly finished, and I have been tinkering about with other things. I had a bash at using the Facebook API for a deviantArt application, but I don't have PHP5 on this server and the PHP4 version just wasn't working too well. Might have just been me, but I have been meaning to arrange some PHP5 hosting for a while now. As much as I appreciate rami and ds hosting me for free, and I still want to give you some money for it when I can afford to, I'd like to have things like PHP5, rails etc available (which I know isn't their fault). I'm eyeing Media Temple because:

I could easily put it on my credit card and start right away, but I would rather wait until I improve my money situation.

Oh, and a little shout out to the .net magazine readers. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments, much appreciated :) I'm going to try and post on the forums more, I always feel awkward joining established forums.

Now, off to bed with me!


Gary Marshall

> Oh, and a little shout out to the .net magazine readers. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments

It's a well-known fact that .net readers are smarter, nicer, better-looking and more well-endowed than the rest of the population.

Hang on, did I say readers? I meant writers!


> I always feel awkward joining established forums.

I used to feel that too, although in my case it was probably because my first post on any forum would be a really irate rant after too much beer, and I'd be banned immediately. With hindsight that's not the best way to win friends and influence people. Lurking for a bit is never a bad idea - you get a feel for the house rules - but the whole point of these things is the more the merrier.


Guess I'll lurk for a bit then, and avoid beer when it comes to initiation!