akamike (2007-2010)

Deviant's Apprciation Day - 22nd @ devART

It's the 22nd, and my speculations were wrong. Today is about the deviants of DA! Without us, without our work and postings, deviantART would not be what it is today.

One main news article on DA, posted by chix0r, gives an overview about what Deviant's Appreciation Day is all about.

Various contests and events will take place throughout the site, where you will have the opportunity to take part in art challenges, scavenger hunts and other associated madness. Make sure you drop by the Forums and dAmn, as you are sure to find plenty of action on there.

There is a list of events down the left, with even more popping up everywhere. Personally, I haven't found anything that I can really get into, except maybe the designerscouch and depthskins contents, though I have never tried making a poster before! I have an idea for the dC one, so I might have a pop at it a bit later. So, get on and have some fun!