akamike (2007-2010)

Daxflame and YouTube

A while back I checked out Daxflame's videos, after hearing about him from various people. I found his videos funny and interesting, and I was unsure whether or not he was fake. Now, by that I mean he was either real and this whole "daxflame is fake" thing is just fabricated (very well i might add), he is an actor which leaves me questioning what the movtives behind the videos are, or he is real but chooses to go by a different name (protection of his real identity or something). To be honest, I don't care. I enjoy watching his videos, though the quality has been dropping recently.

However, this is not a debate on Daxflame's authenticity. This is about the fans, the "haters" and their comments. Boy, does he get a lot of comments. The fans, I don't mind so much. Some start arguements with the "haters" and become immature, resorting to "your mom" insults etc. Then there are the people who constantly post "DAXFLAME IS FAKE HE IS (not posting the name)" over and over in every bloody video. Why? A good point brought up by someone was that you don't just stop watching TV because the characters are fake and played by actors. Who cares? Your trust may be shaken a little but there's no reason to stop watching.

The hate comments are appauling, and this is more of a YouTube general thing rather than specific to Daxflame. I have seen "adults" use terrible language towards kids on this place, some even about how they would beat the shit out of them. Death threats, calling people gay, etc are all in there and it is shocking. Yes, I know this is an issue of anonimity but I would have thought that, in the light of online video, people would be less "Mr. Internet-Tough-Guy".

Huge amounts of trolling is also fueled by the stupidity, to be blunt, of many memebers on the site. I was watching a video of a guy swapping whiskey and water without the use of an extra glass. In fact, here's an embed:

If you watched the video you will see that the person shows everything very clearly. The filling of each glass, the moving of the card to create the gap, and speeds up the transition in order to shorten the video. Very simple science, yes?

Many of the comments claimed there was camera cuts, holes in the card, mixed up the actual solution and eventually it went into arguements and insulting of those who disagreed. Why on earth could people not WTFV (watch the fucking video), notice that how it is done is clearly shown and then listened to those who explained the science behind it?

I don't know, I just needed to rant about Youtube. Not dissing Google, or the guys who created it, I just don't understand people sometimes. I might just ignore comments from now on, continue watching videos and leave it at that. To lighten the mood, I give you Daxflame: