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Cats Are Awesome

A few weeks ago Bartek Gniado posted about his two adorable cats, Dapper and Blinky. I couldn't resist joining in! Meet Pen, Inky and Jess with photos and antics galore!

Firstly, I'd like to say that Inky and Pen are technically not my cats, they are Sasha's. Since I live with her and look after, play with and care for them I think that is enough to post about them as my own. It should also be noted that Jess is my cat but currently lives with my parents, since we can't have three cats terrorising us here!


Pen is Inky's mother and a big softie. She'll be up and on your lap before your bum has even touched the seat, looking up at you with two twinkling eyes in her big fluffy head. My most fond memory of Pen happened recently when she decided to follow me to work. I let her out the house as I was leaving for the bus and she followed me down the drive and along the row of houses. I tried to walk her back and shoo her the other way but she wasn't having it. She dived into the neighbours garden and sneaked round to meet me in the street. As she continued to follow me I stopped at the main road near the bus stop. I can't let her cross this road, so I walked back to the house as she trotted alongside me, stopping once to hide in a bush while some kids passed (Not me, Pen. I cannot stress that enough!) then she bounced along the path to catch up with me. I had to lead her into the house and put some extra food in her dish before she stopped following me!

Pen fighting a popper thing

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have many other decent photos of Pen, and she's out right now!


Inky is the small one, the cute one, and the greedy one. If there's food to be eaten, she'll know about it. Apart from eating, Inky is known for sleeping in one of her two baskets, trying to climb through windows that are not quite open enough for her at 4am and chasing random objects. Recently, Inky decided to sleep on my chest all night then woke me up by sneezing in my face.

Inky in one of her baskets, surrounded by x-mas decorations!
Inky enjoys lying in weird positions
Doing what Inky does best, looking cute while snoozing.


Jess was added to my family just when she was a kitten. She's been with me through most of the significant moments in my life since then, and I wish she was with me now in this stage of my life. She is now a house cat but gets plenty of exercise by running through the eaves! I will have her with me again. Until then, she is being looked after very well by my brother, Matt. I miss her, and regularly look at photos of her.

Chilling on my old bed
Hiding in the dark corners, protecting the coins!
Chilling by the window

So there you have it, three adorable nubs! Be sure to post up about your own cats, or other pets, as well. Don't forget to let me know with a comment or link back!



Awesome! I don't see many outdoor cats these days. Inky looks adorable


haha nice. My sister has cats, and they are so cute! Unfortunately my mother doesnt want cats or dogs...


Awww. Cats are most awesome. I'm a big cat lover. Inky is really cute!

And I may just post about my cats myself :)


Thanks everyone :)

@Bart: I see quite a few in our area. Both Inky and Pen are outdoors, Jess used to be an outdoor cat, but when we moved to a top floor flat that just wasn't feasible!

@MyRule: That sucks, will you get pets when you move out?

@Nyssa: I look forward to seeing them :)


yea cats are great. :)


I have done some inside joke captions with friends, good times!