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22/06/2007 @ deviantArt: Where will you be?

Something big appears to be coming to deviantArt on the 22nd of this month. It's in various staff journals, group journals and on the forums. But what does it mean?

I first saw the question in the designersCouch journal, a design group of which I am a member. Like most, I thought it was to do with their website, but checking the Today section showed staff journals about the matter. People speculate many things, including a new website, though the current version of DA isn't that old.

However, what if it is a new website? What will this bring? If it brings image URLs in their gallery RSS feeds, I'll be happy. Personally, apart from the RSS thing, my only gripe about DA is the bloated JavaScript. Comment boxes, faving, message center, all filled with AJAX and JS that majorly lag (and sometimes crash) my browser (Firefox 2). This is not good, the features are nice but need some major tweaking. People have said the JavaScript ruins DA, such as the image resizing, requesting it to be removed. Ridiculous. The features are great, they have a feature that suggests you watch a user's gallery if you have fav'd their deviations several times, they just need a performance boost.

Last time, when they released this version of the site, people were saying how terrible and ugly it was. I laughed so hard at the comments, because they were wrong. The site was much nicer, had a few minor usability issues but it was a much needed change.

Whatever the update, I just ask for better RSS feeds. 22/06/07, I'll be here.

Question is, where will you be?

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I will most likely be in bed. Why do you ask? Do you want to join me????!!!!