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Yesterday was my 21st birthday, another milestone in life. I had a wonderful day and received some great gifts, and very enjoyable birthday.

At work we went out for lunch to The Packhorse pub, who made lovely food and provided good service. The team bought me Jamie Oliver's "Cook with Jamie", which will really come in handy. Clare also arranged for me to have a surprise ice-cream with a candle, which was really nice despite feeling absolutely stuffed by the end! Thanks guys :)

At home I was greeted with gifts and cards from various family members and friends. Mostly I got clothes, all of which I love, plus a 21st mega mug (this thing is huge!). My favorite gifts have to be the drawings that Sash and a couple of our friends drew for me.

Shnell made cat versions of herself, Sash and I in a group picture.

Gifty drew a cat version of me which looks sorta like Pen, who absolutely adores me.

Sash's is absolutely fantastic! It's an anime version of me, and it looks amazing for her first attempt at something like this. A wonderful present to mark my 21st!

Sash also bought me Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360, which we stayed up to play. It's so much fun, I will definitely get lots of play time from it.

My grandparents also have a present for me which I'll pick up later in the year when I see my parents, but they did make sure I had a card to open on the day :)

Finally, my Mum sent over some money for me to get something really nice for myself, so I think I am going to use it to buy a Flip Ultra. With FOWD and my trip to Canada coming up this year, it will prove to be very useful. I might even post some up here.

Thank you everyone who sent me messages throughout the day! It was a fantastic day :)



Oh wow, those are some pretty awesome drawings!
Congrats on your 21st bday :)


Happy Birthday Mike. Glad you had a great day. Those are some cool drawings.

Jack Osborne

Hope you had a great day Mike! See you soon :)


Glad to hear that your birthday went well!

Also geez it is only 3 months until I'm 21... That's kind of scary. I feel ooooooooooooooooooooooold.


Thanks guys :)


As late to the party as ever, but late congratulations are in order! :)