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Turning 20 (Photo Heavy)

While the morning/early afternoon was pretty quiet, Sash being at university and me just staying in, the rest of the day made up for it and gave me a great 20th birthday. There's quite a few photos, but I've scaled them down to save space. Also, my apologies if they are a bit dark! Come and see how my birthday went.


Aside from any money sent, I received some excellent gifts this year. My family (Mum, Bill and all the kids) sent me a really nice top, which is quite warm and comfy! Despite my concerns about it being XL size it fits perfectly, must have been tagged with the wrong label or something.   Sash's parents bought me "Family Guy: Blue Harvest", the spoof of Star Wars: A New Hope. It's really good, I'll give it a review post soon.

Sash bought me two albums: "Cease to Begin" by Band of Horses, and "If You're Feeling Sinister" by Belle and Sebastian. I haven't listened to them enough to give a fair review, but I am really liking "Cease to Begin" and I found "If You're Feeling Sinister" to be particularly darker than "The Life Pursuit" - one of our favourite albums. Like "Blue Harvest", I'll give each a review soon.


As a joint birthday thing, Sash's birthday being on the 19th Feb, Sash and I went to The Southcote Beefeater for dinner. It's been a little while since we were out for a meal, so we were looking forward to it.

Southcote Beefeater
(Image from Reading Restaurants)

It's a nice place, decent sized and nice atmosphere. It wasn't too busy when we got there, so we were all seated and ordering very quickly.

Mike at Beefeater

Sash at Beefeater

I ordered "Chicken & Spanish Chorizo Linguine", grilled chicken with a nice light tomato sauce, mixed in with spinach and egg linguine and topped with squares of cheese. It was gorgeous, though I found myself struggling at the end since there was a bit more chicken than pasta! I would have also liked thinner strips of cheese, but it was still pretty damn good. There was also some really nice garlic bread, but I didn't manage to grab a good photo before I munched it all away :(

Mike’s Dinner

Sash went for the always-a-hit 7oz Beef Burger, which came with chips and a salad. Sash thought it was delicious, very filling.

Sash’s Dinner

She also had some onion rings. Brief "funny" story: They didn't arrive originally so I had to call the waitress over to fetch them while a stern looking host idled near by, watching. She brought them over and apologised, but Sash only ended up eating a couple and left the rest. Yeah, I'll wait while you hold your sides. Moving on...

After our main course was finished, already feeling a bit full, we decided to order our desserts now since the restaurant was starting to get a bit busier. Typically, they arrived quite quickly and boy were we surprised. I ordered "Profiteroles with Fudge Sauce and Ice Cream", expecting a small light dish. It wasn't too bad, a bit more than I was expecting or prepared for! Still, it tasted lovely and was the perfect end to the meal. The ice-cream was especially delicious - fresh, creamy and smooth.

Mike’s Dessert

Mike Eating

Sash's was the real shocker. A "Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae" that was huge! It completely took us by surprise, and she did feel a bit too full afterwards. It didn't help that the last bit of brownie had quite a sickly taste. Oh well, she enjoyed it despite all that.

Sash’s Dessert

Sash Eating

We paid, got some air and then headed home. Overall, it was a wonderful meal, the price was reasonable and I really enjoyed it. A great birthday dinner!


Things didn't end with dinner though. After we got in and talked about our evening with Sash's Mum, a surprise chocolate gateau was brought out with a candle, in traditional birthday style. I was not expecting one at all so I was very pleased, despite the huge meal before preventing me from having a slice! Thanks Sash and Sash's Mum :)


Mike and Sash with Cake

Overall, I thought it was a great birthday. Thanks to everyone for your comments here, on facebook, and everywhere else. :)


David Myers

Wow, that looks like a great birthday!

Jamie Huskisson

Your still 19 according to your footer :o

David Myers

I'd also like to mention how amazingly awesome that new button in your footer is. Great design skills.

Enrique Ramírez

I want that Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae!! NOW!!

And you forgot the beer!! Can't be Beerday without Beer!!


@David: Thanks, and yes it does! Can you believe I made it myself ;)
@Jay: There, I am now OFFICIALLY 20.
@Enrique: There was beer, but I didn't take any photos!


I have also just received "Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News"! That will get a post as well :)


Happy birthday Mike!

Wow, 20. Thanks for making me feel old. :P


Haha, I try ;)


Heh, sounds like you had fun.

I hope my birthday will be this much fun :D

Binary Blonde

Seriously? Only 20? Nice! Happy 20th Birthday! :) Also, you two make the cutest couple!