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Rolling On [Puns Inside]

It's been a while since I last posted, a lot has happened so I think it's time for an update! A move, a job, a friend's site launch and my upcoming redesign. Roll on for the full story

Moved Out, Rolling On

Some akamike frequenters will know that I have not only moved out, but moved in with my girlfriend, Sasha, and her parents. This has been a major turning point in my life, and I am so happy! Since moving, I have settled in, been to a Bonfire Night party (photos), got a job (see below) and bought a new coat. Both Sasha and I are very happy, it's been a good year and a half, living very far apart, but now we are together and here's to many years to come ;)

Rolled Limited

I am no longer just "Mike", I am now:

Mike Robinson
Wordpress Developer
Rolled Limited

Yes, I have been hired by the excellent Rolled Limited team, lead by Jamie Huskisson. Work has been good so far, working from home, though I haven't had any major projects to work on apart from in-house work, however I will be sure to share news of exciting projects here. Rolled Limited has worked with some great clients, such as Mark Boulton and Antonio Gould, and our team is awesome:

If you need a web solution, get in touch with either Jay or myself. Stayed tuned for the launch of Sausage Roll (blog) and the new Rolled Limited main site.

Rolled out

The new TeaPlusPlus design was launched, for my friend Adam (Dicko). I was experimenting with a new (to me) style while designing this, after having the idea in my head for a long time, and I am quite pleased with the result. Notice the Adam-filled cup at the top, with the used teabags at the end. The design was marked up and Wordpress was used as the blogging platform, due to Dicko's old blog being on wordpress.com and the fact that Wordpress is just awesome. Dicko blogs about his life, music, and spiders.


The akamike re-design has been going quite well, and since there has been a complete halt of updates on the blog, I thought I would give a sneak peak of the upcoming design! It's still got quite a bit of work left, but I think it's looking awesome already.

akamike v2 Preview

I am still working away on it and accepting any ideas, so have a look and let me know what you think in the comments :)

Did you enjoy the new-work related puns? You could say I was....on a roll.

I am so fired for that :(


Gilbert Pellegrom

Hey man. Sounds good. Well done on the job. Liking the new look of the site.


Cheers mate :)


Wow, nice one.

Just took a look there at your girlfriends site, and that is some serious talent!

Congrats on the new job and the new layout looks neat!




Thanks :) Sasha says "Thank you" too!


yo mr mike

so when are we going to the pub then


soon-ish ;)


congrats man.


Love the looks of the new layout and congrats on the job.

Wordpress is an awesome system, very good base for any website. Most people think that it is only for blogs, but I've used it for many different websites.

Anyway, hope all goes well.


Thank you :)