akamike (2007-2010)

Praying to the Gods of HCI

Exam number two is just under 15 hours away, Human-Computer Interaction & User Centred Design.

I love HCI. It's a fun theory subject which I enjoy, which is unusal for me. Yet, somewhere down the line of this semester I messed up and wasn't there enough for it. I missed lectures, tutorials and labs, messed up the coursework and now I am staring at my notes thinking "Why?".

I think I will pass, even if I just scrape a pass. If I fail the coursework I will resit it and I will dedicate all of my time to it to make up for my lack of passion for the subject. Even if I pass everything through some miracle, I will push away from the keyboard from time to time, pick up a book covering HCI related material and I will learn more. Programming methods and pretty colours just isn't enough.



hope it went ok mike :(

also i am a closet mike. i have finally accepted this.


about time someone did, it gets lonely at the mike bars when you are dancing alone :(


wait this isnt one of those things where you missed a comma, so rather than saying you are a "closet mike" you are actually telling me you are furniture?

roll on furniture porn!


ohh you know it baby ;D