akamike (2007-2010)

Phoenix Laptop, City of Heroes and Exams

Phoenix Laptop: So my laptop died, but from it's ashes comes a clean slate. I am in the process of moving my backed up files back over to the fresh XP install so it is a good time to do some "spring cleaning". Thanks Ubuntu Live CD for saving my ass!

City of Heroes: There is a free, 14-day, trial offer going down at eurogamer, so Rua and I signed up and are checking it out. I made a big, mutant, tanker who kicks ass, but I has to leave for my exam yesterday before I could play much! Screenshots and a better review coming soon.

Exams, Objects & Algorithms: One down, two to go. This will probably have been my easiest exam. Had to answer 3 out of 5 questions, so I went with 1 (Binary Trees), 2 (Recursive Functions/Linked Lists) and 4 (Has Tables/Queues & Stacks). I think I did well, but Dougie ran off with my notes at the end!

Next up, HCI on Monday.

EDIT: I just noticed a small bug with the archives, the newer posts link says "Older Posts" and the older posts link says "Newer Posts". Must have mixed up somewhere, I'll fix it as soon as my laptop is back up and running.