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Lifehacking and Chuck Norris

I've been reading lots of productivity blogs (such as Lifehacker and Zen Habits) and it's made me realize how much I can get done just by tweaking the way I live, how I tackle things, as well as how I can define my goals and achive them. So, I have decided that, the day after my last exam, things will change...

I've made a sort of template "schedule" for various daily things that have to be done (and that I have been doing irregularly, such as eating) and split my day into three blocks of time. Two for work and learning etc, and one for doing the things that I usually end up doing (playing games, watching movies, etc). It's seperate from my other calendars in Google Calendar so that say a client wants to meet for a lunch meeting, I can just pop in a new event on top of that and sorta override it for the chosen date. This way, it gives me more of a guideline for my life rather than a strict rule.

For the first week of this I am disconnecting my gaming PC and xbox. This is so that I have no choice of playing a game in order to help me keep on track, should I feel weak! Once I trust my will to do work and leave games until later, I'll hook them back up and see how things go.

Another thing I am doing is setting specific times for feed reading. I find myself jumping every time I see I have an unread article sitting in google reader, which isn't good. It leads me off track and usually ends up with my looking for more information about whatever the topic is. I've put them after eating times, because it's easier to get into work after doing than rather than from being full (for me at least!).

Most likely this will not work out well, but it is revision 1. I will go back and change how I approach my day until I find what suits me best, nothing is perfect first try!

Oh, and how's this for awesome, Chuck Norris recreated in WoW.

Chuck Norris in WoW

Murlocs beware...

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oh man chuck norris.