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I Just Had My Content Stolen

It's 2am, I've just finished playing some GTA4 and thought I would check my stats, Twitter and emails before bed. I noticed a new, unknown link in my referral stats and decided to check it out. There it was, staring me in the face was an almost 100% duplicate of my own Bodzo post.

Now, I'm not going to honour the blogger with a link or shame them in the same way, but I wanted to post up about this. I am pretty angry that this has happened. There are minor edits made to the post, such as changing "which I have written about before" to "which others have written about before" and the addition of an extra short sentence, but the post contains no proper credit and even leeches the copy of the Bodzo logo hosted here on akamike.

I have calmly but assertively contacted the blogger to demand that the post either be removed or rewritten in their own words, along with stopping the leeching from my server. I have also flagged the blog on Blogger, where the blog is hosted. If they comply I will remove the flag and we can move on with our lives, if not I will take further action.

I am, however, flattered that someone thought my post was good enough to copy, and that a link to one of my other posts was left in from the original, but I will not tolerate plagiarism and nor should any blogger. If you can't think of a better way to say something, at least say so and quote me (with a crediting link). Don't rip my posts, don't leech my images and certainly don't make claims such as being a friend of mine (also claiming to be a friend of the owner of Bodzo).

Have you ever had your content stolen? Was it from an actual person or scrapped by a bot? What action did you take, and were you successful in getting things sorted out? Share in the comments.



I had mine stolen last year, the whole post including leeching all the images I had in the post, so i asked him to remove it. 48 Hours later no reply and the content was still up, so I found his webhost, read there terms and conditions, changed the images to something that broke these terms and conditions then alerted his webhost, his site was down for about a week and when it came back the post was missing.


Haha, that is excellent. A bit unprofessional, but it sounds hilarious :D


He should really have answered me then, its not like he never got the message as he deleted it from his comments list, so he definately read it.


So to follow up: The post still hasn't been removed or modified. I've replaced the image with a notice. As Rua said, I could do worse but I'll give the guy a chance.


Update: They swapped out the image for a day then completely cut the post down into two of their own sentences plus the logo. Victory!