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Happy Birthday to Me

It's been 20 years since I did not exist. Well, I existed but I was pretty lazy and just hung around, leeching off my mother. No, I'm not talking about my student years(!), today is my 20th Birthday! It might not be one of the biggest milestones, but it's an interesting point in life that is worth a little more thought than the usual birthday.

20 years makes up about 25% of my expected life, give or take a few years. With the prospect of 60 years still to go, I hardly feel I have wasted my life up until this point. I've grown up like most people do: learning how to walk & talk, gone to school & college, moved out and gotten a job. There's lots still to come, like my first flat/house, getting married, having kids, reaching the pinnacle of my career and all things in between and beyond!

It's still early in the morning so the day is only just beginning, I'll post later with how the day went. I did intend for this post to be a bit more interesting by maybe taking a trip down memory lane, detailing my plans for the future or even just archiving my achievements so far in life.

Truth be told, I'm a little disappointed in myself for what I have achieved at this age. I've had such ambitions and ideas over the past few years that I felt like I would be doing something I could be particularly proud of by the age of 21. With one year until then there is still time to make a turn around and do something great, and I know it is not the end of the world if I don't.

A quick look back at my New Years post tells that I have plenty planned, some already in progress, so I have no intention to dawdle. Rather than aiming to achieve something great this year, I can look at it as a year of preparing. Preparing to enter the year that defines me becoming an adult, gaining whatever I need (money, time, skills, space...) to accomplish my bigger goals. Getting to that point will be an achievement in itself!

So Happy Birthday, me. Here's to many more years to come, thanks to everyone for helping me make it this far. :)



Happy birthday, and I hope that it goes well and you have fun and all that good stuff.

Good luck with the dreams and plans and all that stuff!


Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you have a great year.

Adam Snider

Happy birthday, Mike. Keep on rocking!


Thanks everyone :)