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Domestic Dog - Household Tips for Bachelors

Adam Snider, who also runs River City Writer, recently launched a new blogging venture: Domestic Dog. If you're a bachelor/bachelorette or someone who wants to improve their domestic skills then this is a blog for you.

From the about page:

Domestic Dog is a blog dedicated to teaching quick and easy household tips to bachelors (and bachelorettes). If you’re sick of living the stereotypical bachelor lifestyle of ordering pizza 5 nights a week, living in a messy and poorly decorated apartment, and generally being domestically challenged, then Domestic Dog is the blog for you.

Domestic Dog will teach you things like

I think this blog is a great idea, it's in a good niche and with the high quality of posts that Adam writes it should be a hit. There's already a number of posts up, including "The Benefits of Eating Locally" and "Stocking the Bachelor's Kitchen", giving you a taste (no pun intended, I swear!) of great things to come.

Go give it a read and be sure to subscribe for helpful, twice-weekly tips on improving your domestic skills. Or, you can be a lazy, messy git, your choice!



Looks like a cool site. Btw your first link is to domesticdog.com not domesticdog.net. Just so you know ;-)


Whoops, thanks for catching that :D

Adam Snider

Thanks for the plug, Mike. I'm glad you like the new blog so far, and I definitely appreciate the promotion. :)